dinsdag 25 juni 2013

DICE heeft gesmeekt om Star Wars Battlefront

DICE heeft letterlijk gesmeekt bij Electronic Arts om Star Wars: Battlefront te mogen ontwikkelen, zo beweert Patrick Soderlund van EA Games. Hij onthulde tevens dat het niet veel had gescheeld of een ander ontwikkelteam had de opdracht gekregen om de nieuwe Star Wars-game te maken. Voor de gamers in princiepe goed nieuws, want als een ontwikkelteam zo veel moeite wil doen om de game te mogen ontwikkelen betekend dat bijna bij voorhand al dat ze er nog meer moeite en werk in zullen steken dan een team die de klus aangeboden krijgt. Sonderlund zegt:
DICE developing Star Wars: Battlefront was almost not happening. It was just something as boring as resources and availability. The DICE guys Karl Magnus Troedsson and Patrick Bach were talking and I told them we were in dialogues with Disney over this deal and they just looked at me and said, 'Why haven't you spoken to us? What are you doing? We want to make Battlefront.'
DICE is a very particular place and they are very proud of what they do and you don't really tell them what to do. I didn't anticipate them wanting to work on a license - they've always been new IP or their own IP. But they were just like, 'we would kill to make this game' and the whole studio started talking about it like, 'please give us this game'. That's when I called Frank [Gibeau, EA Labels boss] and I realised we had something here. 'If they want it that badly, then the game will be freaking awesome - we have to figure it out'. So we figured it out, we got them the game and it was that simple. They begged to do it, the opportunity was there and that's exactly why you'll see a game that will be what it needs to be.

Bron: gamersnet.nl

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