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Nieuwe details van Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Afgelopen weekend liet Disney CEO Bob Iger weten in WDW News Today dat hij een openingsdatum heeft voor het nieuwe Star Wars themapark in Disneyland (Amerika). Het volgende was te lezen:
In an interview with Barron’s, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger let it slip that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland will invite guests in starting June 2019. Based on Deluxe Annual Passholder and Southern California Annual Passholder blockout dates, it’s anticipated that the land is likely to open the weekend of June 21st-23rd, with soft opening previews to occur over weekends throughout the month leading up to the opening.
Vlak daarna  kwam er een nieuwe gedetailleerde kijk op het te komen themapark, inclusief bovenstaande foto. Zo moet het park er dus uit komen te zien. Het likt verbazingwekkend veel op de eerste schetsen van het park.

Galaxy's Edge kan worden bereikt door middel van drie ingangen (via Fantasyland, Frontierland en Critter Country). Hiermee worden doodlopende delen van het park aan elkaar verbonden. De wegen naar het park toe zijn zo gemaakt dat het lijkt alsof je op een filmische wijze het park binnen komt. Zo vernauwen de paden zich eerst waardoor je zicht beperkt wordt. Pas op het juiste moment krijg je een breed zicht op Galaxy's Edge.

Over een aantal attracties werd ook het een en ander bekend:

  • Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run: "In this attraction, Hondo Ohnaka, a pirate, has cut a deal with Chewbacca for the use of the Millennium Falcon, and the visitor is the pilot. The attraction entrance will be subtly marked, so as not to disrupt the look of the land.

    Visitors will fly the ship in groups of six, and see the real-time results of their actions, such as knocking over a spire during takeoff. The flight will be different each visit. After a ride, the visitor might, say, stop at Oga’s for a drink and be told something like, “The boss isn’t happy about how you brought the ship back.” This is part of an interactive, story-building experience throughout the land that visitors can opt in to or out of."
  • Rise of the resistance: "Visitors waiting in line for this attraction will wind through highly themed interiors that evoke rundown rooms the Resistance has repurposed as a base for operations against the First Order. Groups of guests might be “captured” at one point and ordered along by the enemy, before making their escape aboard a trackless troop transport. They will see scenes including a Stormtrooper formation and one featuring Kylo Ren, perhaps resembling the interrogation scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The transport will evade familiar war machines, like the four-legged AT-AT Walkers from The Empire Strikes Back. Up close, these towering metal beasts do not disappoint."

  • Oga's Cantina: “The first public restaurant in Disneyland to serve alcohol, Oga’s is relatively small for aesthetic reasons, and is likely to be popular. To maximize capacity and keep visits from becoming all-afternoon affairs, most guests will stand. There will be a handful of booths with seating around the outer edge of the restaurant; no decision has been made yet on whether or how these can be reserved.
    Visitors will be able to order blue milk at Galaxy’s Edge, recalling the secretion of a bantha—a large, hairy animal with spiral horns—drank by Luke Skywalker in the first film. This will be a nondairy drink. It’s unclear whether it will be sold in Oga’s or in the outdoor marketplace, or both."
  • Winkels: "One shop will feature droids that visitors can customize through an interactive experience. A droid that is made to be, say, afraid of Stormtroopers might signal its fear when one comes close. Droids owned by members of the same group might recognize each other when they meet. Prices have not been set. The shop might also sell a full-size R2-D2 for well-heeled fans, perhaps costing thousands.
    There will be another shop presided over by Dok-Ondar, a collector who is briefly mentioned in Solo. This character, likely animatronic, will be set apart in a booth from the rest of the staff. Cast members might interact with Dok-Ondar, asking him what he’s willing to let certain items go for."

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